Patagonia - Chile
February 1 - 17, 2008

In May of 2006, Don and I rafted 226 miles along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. While on the trip, Randy, a fellow paddler, saw how much I loved the white water rafting and said, "Nancy, you would love the Futaleufu."

When I got home, I found the Earth River Futaleufu trip on the Internet, which is billed as "the world's wildest, most comfortable river trip in the world." I was sold! I began the task of talking Don into the trip. We were ready to sign up when Don decided to leave his job and the timing no longer seemed right.

Then in June of 2007, Pat and I did a rim-to-rim hike in the Grand Canyon and the leader of that trip talked about this fabulous white water rafting trip in Chile on the Futaleufu River. My interest was renewed and Pat was psyched as well. We both returned home determined to make Chile our next adventure destination. Once we decided to go, we added another weeklong adventure to the trip, figuring if we were going to spend the money and take the time to get there, we might as well stay at least 2 weeks - right?! The second trip was a kayaking and hiking trip in the Lakes of Patagonia.

Here's the story of our adventure.
  - Nancy

Lakes of Patagonia Trip Reports - Submitted by Pat

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A Perfect Trip to Chile - Submitted by Nancy