Patagonia - Chile

Rafting the Futaleufu - Submitted by Pat
February 10 - 16, 2008

Day 10 - Balmaceda to Puerto Montt to the Futaleufu
Day 11 - Kayak, Flip Test, Swim Test, and First Rapids
Day 12 - Infierno Canyon
Day 13 - Tree House Camp
Day 14 - Rock Climbing and Rappeling
Day 15 - Rafting Day
Day 16 - Last Rafting Day

Futaleufu River

Earth River Expeditions calls this adventure, "the world's wildest most comfortable river trip." We slept in a series of four exotic camps, each with hot tubs and toilets. Our homes were two-person cliff dwellings hugging the hillsides overlooking the river rapids or tree houses, suspended 50 feet in the air overlooking the Lake of Frogs. We did a Tyrollean traverse over huge Zeta Rapid, hiked up into the hills to find Swiss-Alp-looking alpine meadows and snow-covered mountains. We climbed up a technical rock tower and rappelled 320 feet down the cliff. And of course, we ran the class 5+ rapids, the largest runnable rapids by a boat such as ours. One of the rapids had never been run before. But, as Aaron, our guide said: "Let's just do it!" Whoooooo Hooooooooo!