Redlining the White Mountains


So, we've finished many of the hiking lists - 48 4,000-Footers in NH, 67 4,000-Footers in NE, 100 Highest mountains in NE, Belknaps, Ossipees, and the 52 With-a-View. What next? Pat suggested we redline the White Mountains - hike every inch of every trail in the White Mountain Guide Book - 623 trails, 1,454.1 miles. "Ok," I said, "Let's do it!" But it's never that straight forward, is it? We've hiked many of these trails already, but now we have to go back and get that little spur trail that we didn't bother with when we were tired, and we have to go back and hike some of the same mountains we've already climbed using different trails, and yes, we have to hike Huntington Ravine up Washington...which we have carefully avoided up until now. The challenge will take us years to complete and bring us to some sweet secret places many people never see.

We are officially redliners!