Nancy Sporborg

You're looking for Nancy? Well you'll probably find her in one of her two favorite places - on a mountaintop or in the Grand Canyon. If you've looked there, then try running around the streets of Keene or see if she's in a fitness class. No? Maybe she's at STERLING Design & Communications working on a marketing project. Not there? She must be taking a walk with her beloved husband, Don, and Karma. No luck? Maybe she is visiting her daughters, Kelly, in Denver, CO or Jess in Fairfax, VA. Wow, not there either. Well, I'm not sure where she is. Ohhhh... you found her...she's writing her next book in her home office, surrounded by Pumpkin Festival memorabilia, working on her Mac!

Pat Piper

You're looking for Pat? When she's not working from her home office as Director of Digital Media/Webmaster for Kutztown University Foundation & Alumni Relations of Kutztown University in PA, she's probably working on a renovation project in her newly purchased Effingham, NH home. She may be walking the trails behind her home with her dog Hamlin and Theresa's dog Emma. If you still can't find her, she might be next door at the Farm by the River, helping with morning chores - feeding the sheep and the pigs and the llama or working in the summer garden. If she's finished for the day, she's probably reading a book, writing in her journal, or sitting in her cozy living room talking with Theresa.


As of January 2014, Pat Piper and Nancy Sporborg have reached the summit of over 200 mountains, hiked over 1,500 miles and gained over 500,000 feet in elevation. They have completed climbing the 100 Highest mountains in New England. They know the mountains, the trails, the pitfalls, and what is required physically, mentally and emotionally to reach the summit. They are exceptional leaders, motivational coaches and enthusiastic cheerleaders and have worked extensively with groups. Both women are certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid Training.


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